Grocery Shopping

Personalized grocery shopping and delivery service in Seabrook, Texas with additional, customizable options.

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4 Reasons You Need a Personal Grocery Shopper

The daily grind has taken over our lives. The alarm goes off, and you race through life, doing all the things to get ready for the next day.

Sit down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the things you’ve worked so hard for by starting your day off with a full pantry. The Grocery Wrangler can:

  1. Save you time. I give you back the precious hours you would spend doing your grocery shopping. With a personal grocery shopper, you can avoid the hassles of fighting traffic to and from your destinations, cart aggressive patrons, the screaming 2-year-old that follows you up and down every aisle, standing in long lines, and lugging heavy bags into your house.
  2. Save you money. I can help prevent impulse purchasing and trips to fast food restaurants because you didn’t have time to shop.
  3. Keep you at home if you or someone in the house is sick. Can’t get out of bed and need medicine? Do you have an ill child you cannot leave alone? The Grocery Wrangler is here to save the day.
  4. Provide shopping and delivery service for family members who are unable to shop for themselves, or a college student you want to ensure isn’t starving or living on pizza.

Rescue Your Leisure Time

You work hard so you can have nice things, go on fun vacations, or spend your leisure time wearing pajamas. Grocery shopping steals precious hours from your time off work. Rescue your leisure time with the personalized convenience of The Grocery Wrangler.

Personal Shopping and Delivery Services

The Grocery Wrangler, that’s me, does the shopping, delivers your groceries, and I will even separate and put the items away for you. It’s as easy as emailing me at thegrocerywrangler@gmail.com, or reaching out to me on Facebook. I will be happy to contact you with a grocery list, help you tailor it to your needs, gather the delivery information, and answer any questions.

I use the highest standards when choosing your products by checking all packaging for tears or other damage, dates, and freshness. I pay due diligence to individual requests while mindful of any allergies. If you provide coupons or a discount card of any kind, they will be applied. You choose whether I shop for brand name or best value.

You can find more information and available services on the Premium Services page. Take a moment to look around, and follow me on Facebook. Stop by my blog for a weekly menu idea.